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We're not your traditional recruiting firm;

from the authentic relationships we build with our candidates, to the personalized experience we build with our clients, The Hire always puts people first, we pride ourselves on building careers while developing leaders.






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Talent Solutions

The Hire is a people-first, talent acquisition partner that provides progressive companies with a high-touch experience to attract, hire, engage and retain top performers.


We help organizations navigate the continual tide of change by aligning their people strategy with their business strategy to drive favorable outcomes.

Why Choose THE HIRE?


Comprehensive Candidate Screening and Vetting

The Hire conducts thorough background checks, reference verification, and skills assessments to ensure the quality and reliability of candidates. This rigorous screening process helps mitigate risks for clients and ensures that they receive candidates who not only possess the necessary qualifications but also align with their organizational values and culture.


Transparent Communication and Accountability

Clear and open communication is essential for building trust and maintaining strong relationships with clients and candidates alike. We prioritize transparency throughout the hiring process, providing regular updates, feedback, and honest assessments of progress. Additionally, we take accountability for our actions, promptly addressing any concerns or issues that may arise and proactively seeking solutions to deliver exceptional service.


Flexibility and Adaptability

The ability to adapt to changing circumstances and evolving client needs is crucial in the dynamic world of staffing. A reliable agency should demonstrate flexibility in their approach, offering customizable solutions and adapting their strategies to accommodate shifting market conditions, emergent trends, or unexpected challenges. This adaptability ensures that they remain responsive and resilient, capable of meeting the diverse demands of their clientele effectively.



​In 2017, we set out to revolutionize the recruiting landscape by placing people at the center of the engagement. We are committed to continuously seeking opportunities to develop and advance the careers of our candidates while finding the best solutions for our clients so that together they can reach meaningful growth milestones.​The career landscape looks exceedingly different today than it did just a few short years ago.


On the employee side, professionals seemingly change jobs— if not careers— every few years placing increased pressure on organizations to attract, develop and retain top performers.​On the employer side, there are a host of new recruitment and retention challenges— from how to emerge as an employer of choice to how to successfully hire for both hard and soft skill sets to how to develop great contributors into exceptional leaders.

Our Team.

Tyler Wentworth is the Founder & President of The Hire, a people-centric talent acquisition firm focused on empowering forward-thinking companies. With a career rooted in Rhode Island and ties to Massachusetts, Tyler’s expertise lies in delivering exceptional client results. With over a decade leading Staffing teams, Tyler’s guidance is sought after for his commitment to understanding each client’s unique needs. Clients benefit from his personalized approach, while candidates find in him a dedicated advocate for their career growth.

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The Hire Podcast

Tune in to Stay Ahead in the World of Talent Acquisition and Placement.

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Joanna, Client
They are a staffing agency that goes above and beyond. It's not just about getting a body in the chair and moving onto the next job requisition, it's about finding the fit that truly works for our department.  They have truly become part of our company. 

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